The 3 marker challenge! [Video]
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The 3 marker challenge! [Video]

Hello everyone!
Today I’m posting a video for the first time on my blog, and therefore I created a Youtube Channel!
So, what’s the video about? I did the ‘3 marker’ challenge, a drawing/colouring challenge that I discovered through youtubers Baylee Jae and Doodle Date, check their videos!

the rules

The rules are really simple:

  • Pick 3 colours randomly
  • Colour your drawing with thos colours ONLY

I know there is a lot of people that don’t start this challenge with a lineart ready, however, I was not confident enough in my drawing skills to do the same. Besides, I didn’t want the colours to influence what I was drawing.

Anyway, here’s the lineart that I did specifically for this challenge, before picking the colours.


The drawing is very far from prefect I know, I still need a lot more practice, but this was fun to do!

And whithout further ado, here’s the video:

So, what do you think? Did you like it?

At first, I was pretty disappointed with the colours, but then I realised that I got really lucky! In the end, it wasn’t so much of a challenge, trying to decide what to do with the colours, because they worked really well together on their own. Still, I do think it was a really good exercice to limit your palette to a few colours and I highly recommend you try it yourself!

I know I ‘cheated’ a bit by adding some highlights with my Posca pen… but nevermind 😉


Before I end this article, here’s the list of materials that I used, if you’re interested:

  • Paper: Bleedproof layout paper by Canson, 70g
  • Ink pen: Sepia Derwent Graphik line maker, 0.3
  • Highlights: UNI Posca pin type, 0.7mm
  • Markers: Promarkers by Winsor & Newton (ref: Almond O819 – Baby Pink R228 – Lemon Y747)


Thank you for reading/watching, I really hope you enjoyed. If you did, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel, I will post new videos very soon!

Bye 😉

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