The 30 days of drawing challenge | Week 1
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The 30 days of drawing challenge | Week 1

I decided to try the ’30 days of drawing’ challenge this summer and I started last week, on August 1st.

The challenge is to draw something every day, for a month. You can also follow given themes per days, but I prefer not to. You can click here and here for exemples.

I will be posting a recap every week with my drawings from the week before. If you want to see them every day, you can check my instagram account.

Now, let’s look at what I did last week!

Week 1

30 days of drawing challenge Day 1

Day 2 Day 3

Day 4 Day 5

Day 6 Day 7


For sketching: Blue sketch pencil

Day 1: Polychromos colour pencils
Day 2: Koi brush pens
Day 3: Koi brush pens + Pigma micron pen
Day 4: Polychromos colour pencils
Day 5: Polychromos colour pencils
Day 6: Polychromos colour pencils
Day 7: Koi brush pens

I’m only doing portraits… I really need more practice with anatomy! Overall, I’m really happy that I have this challenge to make me draw everyday! I just wish I could draw more diverse things.

So, what do you think? Which one is your favourite?
I think mine is Day 3 (the two girls) or Day 6.

I hope you enjoy, see you next time 🙂


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