Opposite hand challenge! [Video]
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Opposite hand challenge! [Video]

I have a new challenge for you today: The opposite Hand Challenge! Another drawing challenge, just as fun as the first one I did, but a bit more difficult.

the rules

Use your opposite hand to draw, ink and colour your drawing.
In my case, I’m right handed, so I used my left hand for this challenge.

I started by sketching the drawing with my pencil, and then I inked the lines to TRY to make it neat, and sort of failed 😀 I had to practice drawing with my opposite hand a lot in art school, but it seems it didn’t really help. What is frustrating is that the ‘knowledge’ of how I draw things is in my head… but I can’t make it work with my left hand.


The hardest part was the colouring though, mostly for the hair. I don’t know why… but I really struggled. Maybe it was because my marker was bleeding quite a lot?

Anyway, let’s watch this!

Have you watched it? What do you think?
Do you think I did okay? Which version of the drawing you prefer?

Like with every challenge I think you can learn A LOT by doing them, and practising. Also it’s fun, so try it!


Here’s the list of materials that I used:

  • Paper: Bleedproof layout paper by Canson, 70g
  • Ink pen: Sepia Derwent Graphik line maker, 0.3 and 0.1
  • Highlights: UNI Posca pin type, 0.7mm
  • Markers: Promarkers by Winsor & Newton (I used too many, but the ‘main’ ones are: Almond O819 – Dusky Pink O518 – Soft Peach O138 – Salmon Pink R547 – Caramel O727 – Burnt Sienna O324 – Black XB – Royal Blue V264 – Cobalt Blue B637 – Turquoise C247)

I thought the fun part of this challenge was to see the differences between the same drawing made with both hands. I honestly thought I did good, considering I was using my opposite hand, but when I put the drawings side by side… well, let’s just say the lines are much neater 😉


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed watching the video. If you did, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel, it’s completly free!

See you!

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