The 30 days of drawing challenge | Week 3
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The 30 days of drawing challenge | Week 3

I’m sorry for the lack of content… I’m on holiday and very soon leaving for Japan! Tomorrow, to be exact 😉
I will post recaps and pictures of my trip, but before that, I have this and next week ’30 day of drawing challenge’ articles, 1 freebie pack coming (sneak peek in the header image, can you guess?), and one WIP project that I need to tell you all about!

But first, let’s look at last week drawings!

I don’t really like drawing boys, and I usually don’t, but to my sister’s request, I only drew boys/men/males this week!

Let’s be honest, I struggled a lot more than with the previous ones. I can’t help it, I find them boring to draw… x) I hope you will like them nonetheless.

Week 3

day0c day15

day16 day17

day18 day19

day20 day21


For sketching: Blue/Black sketch pencil

Day 15: Pigma micron pen
Day 16: Polychromos colour pencils + Pigma micron pen
Day 17: Pigma micron pen + Promarkers
Day 18: Pigma micron pen + Promarkers
Day 19: Pigma micron pen + Promarkers
Day 20: Pigma micron pen + Promarkers
Day 21: Pigma micron pen + Promarkers

This week has been the most challenging this far, just because I “forced” myself to draw things I’m not used to. And it ended up being fun! Also, I don’t know why, I was so sure my promarkers would bleed like crazy… and it wasn’t so bad, so I used them A LOT.

Which one is your favourite?
My favourite is Day 16, because I made for my boyfriend’s birthday ♥ It’s a remake of a pixel art I did a few months ago

See you on the 31st for the last recap!


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