Pokemon Drawing challenge, from memory in 1 minute!
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Pokemon Drawing challenge, from memory in 1 minute!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited because today Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon came out!! YEAH! I love Pokemon and I’ve been playing for ages. I tought that I would do a little drawing challenge to celebrate the realease of the new games. The rules are quite simple, but pretty hard, draw from memory in only 1 minute!

The challenge

In addition to the rules above, I also wanted to pick Pokemon only from the new games, which I wasn’t that fimiliar with, and now that I think back on the challenge, 1 minute is REALLY short. But it made it even funnier.

Did you like it? Which one did you prefer? My favourites are Oricorio (Pa’u), Cosmog and Mimikyu, they are so cute and those are the ones I remembered the best.

Drawing Pokemon 1

Drawing Pokemon 2

I can only suggest that you try this challenge for yourself, it’s really fun!

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See you soon!

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