Christmas Tree Pins Display – Vlogmas #5
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Christmas Tree Pins Display – Vlogmas #5

Hello everyone! Today, for Vlogmas #5, I made a display for my pins collection, in the shape of a Christmas tree! I’ve been really into designer’s pins lately and I wanted a cute and fun way to display them. I came up with the idea and then just HAD to do it! It’s a bit long to do, but not that hard at all, just need patience =)

All I needed was some thick cardboard, 2 pieces of green felt, a piece of paper, a pencil, some glues, a cutter and to put it all together!
If you want to see how I did it, you can watch my video:

One thing is sure, I really want to make my own enamel pins one day!

Harry, Ron & Hermione by

Cosmic Cat & Merkitten by

Caticorn & Catmas tree by

Cat Lady & Don’t quit your day dream Unicorn by

Mermaid Frida by

pastel unicorn by

Ghibli pins are offical ones from the Tokyo Museum




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I will see you tomorrow for another Vlogmas day!


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