Decorative Mini Presents – Vlogmas #9
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Decorative Mini Presents – Vlogmas #9

Hello everyone! Today, for Vlogmas #9, I’m showing you how I made some Decorative Mini Presents for my Christmas Decor. They make great decorations for your home around Christmas time! They also can be used on tables for a nice Christmas eve dinner.

They are pretty simple to make but can be a bit time consuming.
You will have to find some cardboards to make tiny boxes to emulate the presents. You cna create a square box with a pattern or just stack some pieces together. Don’t worry about being too neat, they are going to be covered by wrapping paper, which is the next step. Wrap your paper around your presents, this time, be a bit more neat, and then add some curling ribbon.

Next and last step is to make the cute little signature bow of presents. Use the fork technique describe in the video below, glue it to the presents and VOILA, you got miniatures presents!

You can make them in any sizes or shapes that you want and they will look adorable!

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I will see you tomorrow for another Vlogmas day!


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