Freebies: Watercolour Textures – Vlogmas #10
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Freebies: Watercolour Textures – Vlogmas #10

Hello everyone! Today, for Vlogmas #10, I created a new Freebie pack! I painted 8 pieces with watercolours using different techniques and colours for you ti use on your creations. The rules are below!

Watercolour Textures

I filmed the process of making this. It was fun but tricky sometimes because I think I might not have the best quality watercolours. But it did turn good anyway. Just took longer I suppose. Ans as usual, my favourite part was to remove the masking film… I’m obsessed 😀
Watch the video if you want to see for yourself:

The pack

  • You can use my freebies in a personal project (NOT for a commercial use!)
  • You cannot redistribute and/or sell my freebies, or pretend that your are the creator
  • Have fun, be creative and show me the results! 😉

The .ZIP file will be available after 5 seconds of advertising.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Exemples of use

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I will see you tomorrow for another Vlogmas day!


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