Cork ‘Bauble’ Pins Display – Vlogmas #12
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Cork ‘Bauble’ Pins Display – Vlogmas #12

Hello everyone! For Vlogmas #12 I made another Pins Display! This time, I turned a circular cork board into a Bauble-like display for my favourite pins.

All I needed for this DIY was some circular cork boards, acrylic white and gold paint, a brush, some ribbons and of course, some lovely pins to display!

This DIY is quite easy, really, and pretty quick! Apart from the paint dryin you shoukld be done in 20 minutes, tops! I guess the trickiest part would me making the bow, if you never made one.

If you want to see how I made it, watch my YouTube video:

Pins creators

Harry, Ron & Hermione by

Cosmic Cat & Merkitten by

Caticorn & Catmas tree by

Cat Lady by

Jiji pin is an offical one from the Ghibli Museum.
Gryffindor is an official one from the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

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I will see you tomorrow for another Vlogmas day!


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