White Wooden Tree – Vlogmas #17
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White Wooden Tree – Vlogmas #17

Hello everyone! For Vlogmas #17, I decorated my little wooden Christmas Tree. I only used white elements to make it as minimalist as possible.

It already looked good in plain wood but I thought it wasn’t Christmassy enough. I didn’t want to be TOO all over the place though, so I settled for a more ‘minimalist’ look and only used white elements to decorate.

The supplies were:
A wooden tree
White acrylic paint
White pipe cleaners
White pompoms
and white glittery beads

If you want to know how I made those tiny decorative presents, click here to read my article about this DIY.

If you want to watch my “Speed Crafting”, here’s the video:

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I will see you tomorrow for another Vlogmas day!


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