December Doodle Challenge
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December Doodle Challenge

Hello everyone! 2016 is coming to an end tonight and therefore, so does my December Doodle Challenge. I had a lot of fun doing this challenge, just like the first one I did in October.

If you want to watch me draw the second day of this challenge, just click on this link to reach the article =)

Just for a little reminder, beause you probably can’t read on the picture, here’s the full list of prompts:

  1. Lights
  2. Snowflake
  3. Quilt
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Bauble
  6. Candy Cane
  7. Pine Tree
  8. Plaid
  9. Gingerbread
  10. Snow Globe
  11. Gift Bow
  12. Poinsettia
  13. Eggnog
  14. Favorite Holiday Movie
  15. Holly
  16. Ugly Sweater
  17. Maple
  18. Pine Cone
  19. Snowman
  20. Garland
  21. Cocoa
  22. Reindeer
  23. Wreath
  24. Candles
  25. Gift
  26. Log
  27. Frost
  28. Peppermint
  29. Scarf
  30. Dove
  31. Confetti

Here’s a few close-ups, but If you want to see each picture individually, check my instagram.

Thank you for reading, I hope you had a lovely 2016, even though I know it’s not alaways easy… let’s try and make 2017 awesome!


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