Speed Drawing: Happy New Year
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Speed Drawing: Happy New Year

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of 2017! Happy New Year! My first New Year’s resolution is to draw every day in 2017! I really want to improve my skills and there is no better way than practice. For the first one, I drew Usagi from Sailor Moon, one of my favourite character ever ♥

So, I know this is a big challenge, but I really want to see my art change in 2017. I hope that by drawing each single day a full piece, I will improve! This is the ‘schedule taht I put up for myself, to help me find ideas every day:

Anyway, if you want to watch my speed drawing, click on this video!

Thank you for reading, I hope you had a good time with your friends and family and that this new year will be great for you!


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