Art challenge: Draw this again!
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Art challenge: Draw this again!

Hello everyone! Today I’m finally doing another art challenge. The ‘Draw this again’ challenge. The ‘rules’ are simple, pick an old drawing, mine is from July 2009 and redraw it in your current art style.

I really loved this character, she was part of a story that I’ve been writing since 2004. I even did a child and teenage version of her and was meaning to include her as it is in my story… but ended up changing her completely! I remember I spent hours working on her design and now that I look at it I can only see the flaws but I guess that’s normal, it’s been so many years.

I drew her with pencils and watercolours back then, so that’s what I used again in this video. If you want to watch my speed drawing, click on this video!

So, what do you think? Which version do you prefer?
I have mixed feelings… I definitely think it’s way more detailed than my first version, mostly for her dress and her hair. I did change a few things that didn’t make sense to me anymore.

I still struggle quite a bit with watercolour, mainly because I’m not a very patient woman… and I tend to rush things a bit too much with paint.

But the most disappointing part, I guess, was that I sort of messed up the lower portion of her face, her nose and mouth are a bit too high, but it was too late to change when I noticed…

But, other than that… I like it!

Funny enough, I sometimes feel like I haven’t made that much progress in years of drawing, mostly because I stopped for a long time at some point. But making this video made me realize that even if I still need more practice to reach a level that I find satisfying enough not to be self conscious about my art, I did improve over the years. And that feel good =)

I really loved the whole experience, and I think I will turn my #ThrowbackThursday into a ‘Draw this again’ day as well 😀

The nose and mouth really bothered me… so I digitally moved them around with Photoshop 😀 Now it’s better ♥

Thank you for reading and watching the video! If you liked it don’t forget to like and subscribe to see more =)


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