Arty Party: 5 little challenges
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Arty Party: 5 little challenges

Hello everyone! I’m back with Jazza’s Arty Games app in this week’s video. It was so much fun last week that I decided to play a little more.

The Arty Party settings is pretty nice and I chose those 5 different challenges:
– a 3 colour challenge
– an incremental design challenge
– a scribble challenge
– a copy challenge
– and finally, a design mix challenge

You can watch the video here:

The trio of suns are definitely my favourite of them all!
I also like the dog one I did for the copy challenge. But the incremental challenge was just too hard! The fact that there were contradictory indications within the same prompt made it very frustrating. But I guess seeing me fail can be entertaining 😀

I hope you liked the video!
See you next week, bye ♥


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