Primary Colours challenge
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Primary Colours challenge

Hello! In today’s article, I’m talking about the Primary Color challenge. The goal is to create an artwork using the primary colors only; blue, yellow and red. The only rule is that those are the ONLY colours allowed to create the drawing, however they of course can be mixed to create more shades.

I sketched my drawing with a blue pencil, and I also made a little colour chart to help me visualize what the watercolours looked like on paper, mixed with each other. I should have picked a different red, because I coudln’t make anylight purple with this one. Too bad 🙁
Since I wasn’t allowed to use a black or brown pen for my lineart, I mixed my blue, magenta and yellow ink to get a brown. And applied it with a dip pen.

Watch the speed process in this video:

I’m pretty happy with the finished artwork! Building the watercolours took quite a while because I forced myself to really wait between each coat, so I wouldn’t mess up anything. The biggest part of my challenge was the inking process. I tried to add as much details as I could, to make the drawing less dull. I worked on the hair for a really long time, but I love it! I still need to figure out how inking them that way works, but I think I will definitely do it more like this in the future =)

I hope you enjoyed it!
I will see you next week in another post =)


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