Art Glitter Challenge
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Art Glitter Challenge

Hello everyone! For today’s art, I’m doing the Glitter Art Challenge! The goal is to create an artwork and colour it with glitters! I was inspired by Baylee Jae and Sea Lemon’s recent collaboration video where they did this challenge. It looked so much fun, and I wanted to try it for myself, so here we go!

For the materials I used:
– cosmetic and craft glitters
– cheap synthetic brushes
– liquid glue (the same kind used for slimes, apparently)
– a plastic paint palette to mix

I started by drawing a sketch and then, for inking, a used a regular black liner pen. I didn’t have any glitter pens and couldn’t find some for a reasonnable price.

After that, I pre-mixed the colours I wanted to use in the piece and started painting. Watch the process here:

It was really fun and challenging, I was not expecting the technique to work that well. It took quite a long time to do, but overall I like it! What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed it!
I will see you next week =)


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