June Scrawlrbox Unboxing
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June Scrawlrbox Unboxing

Hello everyone! This week I’m opening yet another ScrawlrBox! This time, we got… Chameleon markers! Those are perfect for making gradients with one marker only! Watch me try the pens and tell you about what I think of them.

This month’s artwork was made by Benjamin Davis. It features Carnage, the character from Marvel Comics.

The full content of the box is as follows:
– 4 Chameleon color tones pen
– 4 Chameleon color tops
– 1 Chameleon detail pen
– and 2 pieces of white acid free paper

And the theme for the scrawlr challenge was: Maximum carnage. I didn’t do it this time, well not exactly.

You can watch the full unboxing and my speed drawing in my video:

Overall, I don’t think the supplies are that bad, they are just not something that I like to use to make art. I might use the pencils for some neon accents because I think they are really good. But the highlighters are just office supplies to me. I was a bit disappointed by the box and my artwork for the theme, but hey, it happens 😉

This box was really great, i’m so happy I tested those markers!

I will see you soon for another post =)


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