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New website!

Change is good

It took me a good week, but here it is, my new website! When I launched myself into designing pins, I knew I would want to get a shop at some point. My old wordpress theme did not support a store plugin, so I had to work a bit and rethink my website entirely!

What's new?

Everything is new! New pages, new texts, new images and of course, a brand new shop! I tried my best to make everything as clear as possible, without being too boring. What do you think?

  • new About Me page, to know more about who I am
  • new Portfolio page, to get a glimpse of my projects
  • new Blog! I kept my archives from my last website, you can still see them here if you want to.
  • new Shop, the biggest change! You can buy my pins here 😀
  • and other pages: Contact, FAQs and more!

I hope you will enjoy this new, improved website. If you see a typo or a broken link, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible.

More to come soon!

I’m planning on making more pins, of course, but also other accessories and cute items of all sorts. I will add them on the website as soon as possible, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get notified!

Thank you! ♥

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