Who I am

Hello there! I’m Emma Lerouge, a 29 years old graphic designer, illustrator  and pin maker based near Paris, France. I’m an enthusiastic, determined and passionate person who has been working as a freelancer for 5 years.

My work

Creating is my passion and I love to experiment with various projects, using both traditionnal and digital mediums. From doodles, to illustrations and enamel pins, my style range from cartoony and cute to more realistic and sophisticated. Most times, it’s pretty positive and colorful!

Creativity & more

Being both an artist and a one-woman brand creator, I try my best to be as polyvalent as possible. My time is split between creating illustrations, doodling new concept for upcoming pins, managing the production of items, juggling through corporate formalities and fulfulling orders!

Running a business
Doodling ideas
Creating new art


Mangas (Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket), Comic books (Spirou & Fantasio, Astérix, Tintin), Cartoons (Steven Universe, Adventure Time), Animated movies (Pixar, Disney, Studio Ghibli) and great Sagas (Harry Potter, Star Wars) have always been my main source of inspiration. I also love and learned a great deal from creators posting their artworks on the Internet.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou

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