Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Who are you? What do you do?

Hey there! I’m Emma, a 29 years old graphic designer from France, if you want to know a little bit more about me and my skills, you can check the About me page.

Traditional Art

  • Sketch: Pentel Fiesta 0.7, Staedtler Mars lumograph 2H
  • Eraser: Derwent Art eraser, Faber-Castell Art eraser
  • Liner: Sakura Pigma Micron 005-08, Derwent Graphik 0.1-0.5 in Black/Sepia/Grey, Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Flexible Fine, Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka 05, Sakura IDenti Pen dual 1.0/0.4
  • Markers: Winsor & Newton Promarkers and Brushmarkers
  • Highlights: Sakura Gelly Roll 08, Uni Posca PC-1M 0.7
  • Coloured pencils: Faber-Castell Polychromos

Digital Art

  • Tablet: Huion GT-220
  • Softwares: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Brushes: Kyle T. Webster sets

I usually don’t, but I’m not against it either. If you have an idea on your mind, send me an email and I will get back to you!

Sure! I think it’s a great way to cross-promote people and businesses. If we both have something to gain from it (fun, exposure, etc.), I’d love to! Send me an email and we will talk about it 🙂

Shop & Shipping questions

How can I order? How long does it take? How do you ship?

You can add the items to your cart from the homepage (with 6 featured products) and from the shop page (all products).

You can either:

  • click “Add to basket” for adding the item to the cart right away
    (pictures and specs not shown)


  • click “Quick Shop” to get an easy look at the item in a popup, without leaving the page, before adding to cart
    (multiples pictures shown, no specs shown)


  • click on the item title or picture to get to the full product page with all information, and then add it to your cart
    (pictures and specs shown)

All available items are listed in the shop. If you can’t see it, it means it was discontinued and will not coming back.

If you notice an error in your order, please contact me within 24 hours.
If it’s an error in the address or something similar, more often than not, I can manually change a few things. If the order has already been shipped, you will have to wait to receive it and then we will proceed to a return and refund (see next question).

If you provided a wrong address, you will have to wait until the package is returned to me until I can send it back. However shipping fees will be at your charge.

Please understand that cancelling orders cost me something (paypal fees), so CAREFULLY THINK AND CHECK YOUR INFORMATIONS BEFORE BUYING.

According to Europen Union law (article L. 221-4), you have a right of withdrawal regarding your order. You can cancel it within 14 working days, starting the day your package was delivered.

Here’s how you should proceed:

  • Contact me by email asking for the cancellation -> contact @
  • You will need to send back the ENTIRETY of the package to the provided address using a TRACKED shipping method. All return fees are at the buyer’s charge
  • Please ask/keep a proof of posting
  • When the package is returned to me, you will have a full refund of the items value + initial shipping fee (no return fee) within 14 days


You do NOT need to justify why you want to send back the item. However, if you’re not satisfied with the items, please consider sharing your reasons with me to help me improve my services.

Missing item? Wrong pin? Oops… Sorry about that!

Steps to follow:

  • Check your order confirmation email to make sure you bought said item (confusion happens!)
  • Check the package just to make sure it’s not hiding somewhere
  • Send me an email with the name of the missing/wrong item
  • If the mistake was my fault, I will send you a replacement within 7 days with tracked shipping


For your information, I do keep a photographic evidence of every order I send. This way, I can confirm where things went wrong, it’s very useful in cases of stolen items in packages.

Yes I do! I’m based in France, and I ship worldwide. However, please note that you might have to pay import tax fees.

It depends, please allow up to 5 days for me to process your order, package it and send it.

As for shipping itself, it’s usually around those delays:

France: 2-7 days

Europe : 4-15 days

Rest of the World: 7-30 days


Please keep in mind that I have no control on post workers and post offices.

All items are shipped with tracking and I use LaPoste services.

For tracking, please go to this page:


  • Lettre suivie: Full tracking / 2-3 days


  • Lettre suivie: Limited tracking* / 3-10 days

Rest of the World

  • Lettre suivie: Limited tracking* / 7-30 days


*Full tracking is only available for the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Swiss.

For other countries, tracking will stop at French borders.



I do not offer insurance at the moment, but you can contact me if you are interested and I will take actions to make it happen.

Packages take up to 1 week in France, up to 2 weeks in Europe and up to 1 month for the rest of the world to arrive safely. However, if your package did not show up after those delays, there are a few steps you can follow. Please note that tracking numbers only work for 60 days after they are scanned, consequently, don’t wait too much after the delays indicated above to report the order missing.

If you are worried about your package, please follow these steps:

  • Check your emails for your tracking number (if you can’t find it, please contact me with your order number. If you don’t have your order number, please provide the email and full name you used for ordering)
  • Use the website linked below to track your order
  • Check that the shipping address you provided was the right one
  • Check your mailbox for any notice from your local post office or local customs office
  • Check with your neighbour if they got your order by mistake
  • If all those steps led to nothing, contact me and I will file a claim to La Poste
  • After about 1/2 weeks (time they usually take to answer) I will know more and will proceed to refund your order if necessary

For your information, after about 100+ orders, I only really had 1 lost. So no need to worry too much =) Thanks!


Tracking page:

Pins questions

How big are they? Standard or seconds?

All my pins specifications such a height, width, plating, weight, etc. are indicated on the product pages. If you have any concerns, please ask away BEFORE ordering.

Concerning the colours, I try my best to have my pictures match what I see in real life. However, depending on your screen settings, colours may vary from what you saw online.

Please keep in mind that enamel pins are done by hand for a part of their manufacturing process. Therefore, there can be slight differences between pins of the same design.

Grading pins is very complicated and highly varies from makers. No pins is truly perfect, but some flaws are also very superficials. Please take some time to read my criterias.


‘Standard’ – A grade pins

Standard grade pins might present very minor flaws. I make sure that it’s not too noticeable unless you have your eyes on it.

  • small enamel under fill
  • small uneven enamel filling
  • tiny imperfections in the plating
  • uneven line width
  • little faded dots


‘Seconds’ – B grade pins

Seconds have minor to major flaws. Most people don’t really mind them because they are not really noticeable from afar. Up close they are noticeable and for that reason, they are sold at 50% off their regular retail price.

  • slight scratches to the enamel
  • uneven enamel filling
  • discolorations
  • air bubbles
  • marks on the metal
  • missing enamel
  • uneven edges
  • specs of dust
  • over polishing


If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

All pins are attached to a card and put into a resealable plastic pouch. They are shipped in a bubble mailer.

Scratches can appear if you do wear your pins often. Nothing can be done really, but just know that pins are REALLY sturdy so unless you roll on the floor with it everyday, you should be good for a while 😉

If this happens within 14 days of receiving your item, you can ask for a return.


This can be fixed by applying some jewelry polishing cream with a microfiber cloth.


Broken post:
If this happens within 14 days of receiving your item, you can ask for a return. If not, you have two solutions.

  • order some pin posts of the internet and use a jewelry glue to fix it
  • turn it into a magnet! Glue a magnet on the back with some jewelry glue and let dry, and here you go!


Missing rubber backing:
Sometimes those little things just go missing, you can easily use one from another pin or order a few from the Internet.

Pre-orders questions

What’s a pre-order? How does it work?

A pre-order item is an object that is up for sale before the manufacturing process is completed. Customers trust the design image provided by the seller and buy before seeing the finished product.

Manufacturing pins can be a little bit pricey, pre-orders ensure the designer has enough money to start production.

Pre-orders items are usually cheaper than when they are sold after manufacturing. It’s a token of gratitude from the seller to thank the customer’s trust.

So what you gain from pre-ordering is paying less for an item that you love, and helping designers! 😀

As soon as I get them from my manufacturer, and made sure they are the perfect quality! You will have priority shipping over customers who bought the item after pre-orders closed.

You have a question that I didn't answer...

No problem! Send me an email with any questions using the form from the Contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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