Mermay 2018 mermaids

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Drawing mermaids is always so magical and fun. So many possibilities of human/fish combos, so many colours, so many challenges! This year mermaids were done on digital art, following a set of very diverse set of prompts; from darkness to bubbles and a lot more. Pick the one you like best, and for the first 20 orders you will get an exclusive mini sheet of Mermay stickers.



What is Mermay? It’s an art challenge where  the goal is to draw with mermaids every day for a month. There is also a list of prompts that one can follow, with very various themes. It’s very popular amongst artist from all over the world!



This listing is for the purchase of one or several:

  • Mermay 2018 prints

The prints comes packaged in a cardboard enveloppe.

Original artworks by Emma Lerouge. You may not copy or reproduce this artwork.

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 21 × 14.8 cm

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