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Sometimes pins arrive with flaws. They are too visible to be sold as standard grade, but they should not be thrown away either… so that’s why we have ‘Seconds Sale’!



Seconds have minor to major flaws. Most people don’t really mind them for everyday wear but up close they are noticeable and for that reason, they are sold at 55% off their regular retail price.

  • slight scratches to the enamel
  • uneven enamel filling
  • discolorations
  • air bubbles
  • marks on the metal
  • missing enamel
  • uneven edges
  • specs of dust
  • over polishing

Keep in mind when you buy a seconds pin that it’s not necessarily limited to one flaw.



This listing is made for several items, all seconds grade. Please refer to the original listing of each items for more picture.

Every pin come with a backing card and are wrapped in a plastic pouch.

Original artwork by Emma Lerouge. You may not copy or reproduce this artwork.

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