Emma Lerouge is a 31 years old graphic designer based near Paris, France. She’s an enthusiastic, determined and passionate person who has been working as a freelancer for 9 years.

Being both an artist and a small business owner, she had to learn to be as polyvalent as possible. Her time is split between working freelance jobs for her clients and creating content for her own brand of accessories, stationery and decorative objects: Yume Moon Studio.

Her areas of expertise are visual identity, print and web projects, merchandising, vectoring and illustration.


Freelance graphic designer (since 2014)

Yume Moon Studio (since 2020) – Creator and designer of my own brand of accessories, stationery and other decor items

Eliott & Markus (2011-2014) – Graphic designer for visual identity, print and web projects. Working for corporate clients.

Dragon Rouge (2010) – Visual identity and print graphic designer internship

Orange (2010) – Web graphic designer internship


Intuit Lab (2011-2012) : Master II

ECV Paris (2007-2011) : Master I Concepteur Créateur en communication visuelle.
Speciality: Web design and photography
Erasmus Semester in England in 2010


Creative, organized, enthusiastic, hard-working, rigorous and attentive.




Social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Twitch)

Creative softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fresco, Premiere Pro)

Office softwares (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Yume Moon Studio

Emma’s brand of cute and colorful merchandise ranging from enamel pins, stickers, washi tapes, prints, badges, pouches, charms and more!

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